Drunkard's Prayer
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You Need to Hear This Haunting Bluegrass Cover from Chris Stapleton


Proving that great songs should be shared, Chris Stapleton performed a cover of the bluegrass song "There Ain't No Easy Way" at the 2018 Country Radio Seminar during the Universal Music Group's showcase. Stapleton's haunting vocals pay tribute to Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott's original version of the song recorded 18 years ago while adding his own signature style.

At the beginning of the performance, Stapleton reminisces about listening to O'Brien and Scott when he first started out as a country musician. Coming off of three Grammy wins this year, Stapleton's star is burning as bright as ever, but that doesn't stop him from remembering his roots.

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Check out the video above to hear Stapleton pour himself into the harrowing song that takes listeners through the life of a man "that gets caught somewhere between heaven and hell."

If you're interested in hearing the original version by Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott, click on the video below.

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