Chris Kyle’s Widow Gives Craig Morgan Beautiful Advice on Finding Joy After Tragedy

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Words can never replace a lost loved one, but they certainly help ease the pain, especially when coming from somebody who’s been in your shoes. That’s exactly what Taya Kyle offered country singer Craig Morgan at a recent tour stop.

Craig Morgan tragically lost his 19-year-old son Jerry Greer in a tubing accident this past summer. The country star came off the road to grieve with his family before returning for a select few dates.

During his stop in Washington D.C., Morgan brought up several other Nashville songwriters to play songs and tell stories in a “writer’s round” format. Though she’s not a writer, Taya Kyle also appeared and offered her own powerful words.

Kyle is the widow of Chris Kyle, the U.S. Navy SEAL sniper whose book American Sniper spawned a Hollywood blockbuster film. He died in 2013 at the hands of a former marine with post traumatic stress disorder. Morgan asked Taya Kyle how she personally found joy in life after her worst nightmare came true.

“I had my worst nightmares and my worst anxieties and they came true, you know?” Kyle said, according to The Washington PostShe then talked about how she learned to compartmentalize life and not judge it all by the biggest moment. “Have the joy where the joy is, because life is short and it could end tomorrow,” Kyle says.

The mother of two finds a lot of that joy in her children as well. “But I’d be a fool to ignore what’s in front of me, and I’d be a fool to not live this life and see the blessings for what they are and see the beautiful people in this world who are stronger than I am and who do more things than I do and try to give back, pay it forward, keep moving, all of those things,” Kyle says.

Talk about a powerful statement.

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Chris Kyle’s Widow Gives Craig Morgan Beautiful Advice on Finding Joy After Tragedy