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Chris Janson Releases New Music Video for 'Drunk Girl'

It should really go without saying that no one should take advantage of someone who's inebriated, but unfortunately, it happens all too often. Chris Janson penned "Drunk Girl" for his 2017 album Everybody with the purposely obtuse-sounding title to grab attention.

"The true title, if you want to get down to the nuts and bolts, is 'Take a Drunk Girl Home,'" Chris Janson explained earlier this year to Ty, Kelly & Chuck. "And that can go one of two ways. You can do the wrong thing or the right thing in life, whether you're a guy or a girl, it doesn't matter." Janson continued on to explain that he wrote the song as a parent in the hopes his children will act better and be treated better as they get older.

The newly released music video for "Drunk Girl" follows the narrative of a young woman who has endured abuse and sexual assault in her past, leading up to present day where she's seen leaving a bar with a young man who decides to say goodnight to her as she rides home in a cab.

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Janson says the video drives home what he's trying to get across in the song. "Sometimes these things get swept under the rug," he told People. "Sometimes they get pushed so far back in the closet, nobody wants to look at it ... Well, guess what? It happens every day and it's something to be thought about."

Breaking up the narrative storyline are shots of Janson playing in the middle of Lower Broadway, a street filled with bars he played as an up and coming musician. In addition to giving the eerie visual of an empty street of bars, these scenes show how far Janson has come as an artist who has something of substance to say.

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