Chris Janson Reveals New Video for 'Power of Positive Drinkin''

Chris Janson brings high energy and explosive moves to his new video for "Power of Positive Drinkin'".

In the clip, Janson performs in front of hundreds of excited fans at both an outdoor music venue and a packed nightclub. When he isn't giving it his all onstage, the singer spends time enjoying one of his other favorite hobbies - skateboarding. He's even shown taking a moment to teach his adorable young son how to skate while exploring an empty concert venue before a performance.

"Power of Positive Drinkin'" is Janson's second single off of his debut album, Buy Me a Boat. The track has a similar attitude and grit that was featured in his massively successful debut single, although it slants slightly more toward the tried-and-true bro-country sound that has dominated Nashville over the past quarter century.

"I go to that little place where the good times always roll, in the glow of the neon light, where I know there's a new song I'll be singing," Janson sings in the chorus. "Before I leave, yeah, I believe in the power of positive drinking."

In terms of subject matter, the song revisits territory that many country artists have covered before. Still, the relatable lyrical content is sure to win over many country fans who are looking for the latest beer-drinking anthem to add to their playlists.

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Chris Janson Reveals New Video for 'Power of Positive Drinkin''