Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix Exists and We Need It Now

If there is one cake flavor that screams birthday, it is Funfetti. Sweet, cakey, and dotted with colorful sprinkles, it's not a birthday party without a box of Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix. In fact, it's the cake my younger sister (mind you, she is in her twenties) asks for every year for her birthday, lamenting that the cake mix with the rainbow sprinkles is far superior than a homemade version of the same cake. This year however it looks like she might be switching it up because Pillsbury just released a chocolate Funfetti cake mix.

New Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix Now in Stores


Loaded with candy pieces, this chocolate cake and cupcake mix is going to be your new favorite cake mix. Whether you make it as a birthday cake or as Friday night Funfetti cupcakes, all you need to make this confetti cake complete is Funfetti frosting. The only catch is that this chocolate cake mix is still hard to find. It's not available online yet, but you can check local stores near you using the Pillsbury locator on their website. Sadly for me, the box mix isn't within 100 miles of me as of right now.

Some of Our Favorite Funfetti Mixes

Chocolate not your style? Pillsbury has a whole line of Funfetti mixes including frosting, brownies, cookie mixes, and even pancake mix.

Funfetti Pancake Mix


Grab your spatula, these pancakes are a breakfast version of your favorite cake.

Funfetti Premium Cake Mix


This classic white cake mix is made with sprinkles, adding a pop of color to the cake batter.

Funfetti Strawberry Cake and Cupcake Mix


Vanilla cake who? Change it up with this strawberry cake.

Funfetti Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix


Sprinkles aren't just for cake recipes.

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix


Who doesn't love Funfetti cookies?

Confetti Funfetti Vanilla Frosting


Your cake isn't complete without vanilla frosting.

Fluffy Frost Funfetti Vanilla Marshmallow flavored Fluffy Frosting


Make your cake taste just like a whoopie pie.

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