Lyndsay Burginger

Dr Pepper Released a New Chocolate Flavor Perfect for Sweets Lovers

Dr. Pepper has always been a classic soft drink, beloved for its combo of 23 delicious flavors like apricot, caramel and vanilla. As yummy as the classic flavor is, Dr. Pepper is switching it up on us with a dessert-themed flavor. Chocolate Dr Pepper is the latest Dr Pepper product, and we can't wait to try it.

This soda flavor, Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate, is a combo of Dr Pepper and chocolate, making for a delicious experience that offers the best of both worlds and is made for chocolate lovers. Just imagine eating a brownie while drinking a Dr. Pepper and you'll get the idea.

Pepper Perks

As announced in a press release, this new chocolate Dr Pepper flavor was created to celebrate Dr Pepper's new rewards program, which involves making a Pepper Perks' account. To make this, customers will scan their proof of purchase QR code on Dr Pepper products they buy, gaining points with each purchase.

Once consumers have gained a qualifying amount of points from Dr Pepper purchases, they can purchase the FANtastic chocolate flavor. Plus, they'll get the chance to go to the College Football Playoff National Championship. Dr Pepper has even made branded gear to help fans cheer on their favorite college teams!

The introduction of the new Dr Pepper flavor is timed perfectly with football season, and its packaging is even decorated with footballs. What better way to watch the game than with a football-themed, chocolatey refreshment? If you're really wanting to indulge, drink it alongside a bowl of ice cream to really soak up that dessert flavor.

Dr. Pepper's chocolate soda is a limited edition flavor, so you'll need to act fast before the new flavor runs out. To get more details on this limited time offering, check out Dr Pepper's social media accounts or website. We can't wait to get our hands on this limited edition Dr Pepper flavor!