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How to Make Chocolate Bowls with Balloons

It's time to do something unique for Valentine's Day. You've spent years buying boxes of chocolates, store-bought sweets flowers, etc. Why not trying something new?

We've got you covered.

This super easy recipe will show you how to make chocolate bowls using small party balloons. You make the bowls by pressing the balloons in a small dollop of melted chocolate. Fill the bowls with a simple mix of whipping cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries.

The whole shoot-n-match is super easy to make, and your significant other will definitely appreciate both the novelty and the effort.

To make these sweet treats, you'll need the following items.

-Pack of chocolate chips
-Pack of small balloons
-1 cup whipping cream
-1/2 cup strawberry jam
-strawberries for topping
-Parchment paper
-Spray butter

Learn how to make chocolate bowls in the video below.

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How to Make Chocolate Bowls with Balloons