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Chippo: The Love Child of Golf and Cornhole

It's cornhole. No wait, it's golf. Hold on. . .it's Chippo! When you're hanging around the backyard grilling burgers and chugging beers, you'll be exuberant to challenge your friends to a round of Chippo. It's the tailgating, backyard cookout, beach-going, weekend camping game you've been waiting for. Kick those traditional backyard games to the curb, the only backyard game you'll need is Chippo. The bastard child of every Southern's favorite game cornhole and the gentlemanly game of golf, Chippo is soon to be the new craze taking over the dog days of summer.

The "glorious lovechild" of two seemingly average guys who love golf and backyard games, the Chippo golf game was originally funded through Kickstarter. Need the best gift for an avid golfer? Look no further than a Chippo set.

Imagine all the kuddos, and the bets, you'll win when becoming the reigning Chippo master - not to mention mad props for getting it first. It will be high-five central over the viral new golf game.

You can pretend it's all skill, but really, all that obsessive practice in your spare time paid off. But don't worry, you're friends don't have to know about that. Instead of golf balls, the game uses high-density foam balls by almostGolf to make it easy to bounce.

No matter where you decide to challenge your friends, or foes, you can take the boards with you. Each set comes with two astroturf-covered boards weighing in at less than 10 pounds apiece - so you and your opponent can carry a board in one hand and beer in the other.

And in the true spirit of golf, the boards are accompanied by two chipping mats so you can play on any surface. Which if you're playing in the office, you better yell fore, just in case someone walks in.

Oh, and the six balls included are a high-density foam, so you don't have to worry about picture frames or albeit, car windows.

And while some games come with a list of rules that have you reading more than playing, Chippo keeps it simple - and thank goodness because no one wants to do math when guzzling beer.

In true cornhole fashion, teams consist of two players, with one from each team at a board. Whoever wins the lucky coin toss strikes first.

After three shots, the next person goes. Tally up the points, and that's round one. Repeat on the opposite side until you've played an 18-hole match. Pretty simple right? But who's keeping score.

Chippo, you have given us a reason to be competitive, in the best way. This summer, backyard games and beer await your future. Now that's Chippolicious.

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