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Texans Try Chipotle's New Queso and Are Sorely Disappointed

Queso is practically its own food group in Texas, so when national burrito chain Chipotle announced they were now offering queso, many people got excited. However, The Scene posted a video of Texans trying Chipotle's take on the classic cheese dip, and they weren't super impressed with it.

From the responses in the video, Chipotle queso is about what you'd expect from a corporation that was once owned by McDonald's.

Though queso is almost always made with Velveeta, there is, in fact, a wrong way to do it.

The taste testers were comprised of both Texans and non-Texans, and unsurprisingly, the non-Texans didn't see anything wrong with the dish. It's not their fault though, they have no frame of reference.

The Texans, however, used descriptors like "watery" and one even said of it, "It's like cheese fell asleep, it's not fun at all."

It's hard to say what went wrong with Chipotle's interpretation of queso, but as far as Texans are concerned, they might need to give the recipe another look.

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Texans Try Chipotle's New Queso and Are Sorely Disappointed