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Chip and Joanna Gaines Aren't Thrilled About 'Fixer Upper' Rentals

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When Chip and Joanna Gaines flip a home on Fixer Upper, we all like to assume that the family will live happily forever and ever in their perfect new home. But, that's not always the case. In fact, many homeowners featured on the show are turning the homes into "Fixer Upper Rentals." You can find about 12 currently listed on Airbnb and VRBO.

The Gorman House, the Mailander House, the Shotgun House, the Barndominium, the Chicken House and the Mid-Mod House are all available to rent. Even the Harp House (yes, Clint Harp, the furniture guy) is going up as a rental soon.

What do Chip and Joanna think about all this? Apparently, they aren't huge fans. Brock Murphy, a Magnolia spokesman, explained in a statement that there will be some changes made for next season's applicants.

"We have no problems with our clients' interest in using sites like VRBO and Airbnb to rent out their homes. In fact, we get it. But we are going to be more strict with our contracts involving 'Fixer Upper' clients moving forward. We want to honor our national viewing audience. We want to do remodels for clients' homes. That's the true intent of our show, and we want to ensure that does not get lost in this new vacation rental trend. What started off with perfectly understandable intentions could cast a shadow of a doubt on the much bigger picture, and we are going to do our best to protect that moving forward."

We can't say we blame the Fixer Upper team. It seems like Chip and Joanna truly value designing a home specifically for a family. Fans of the show know Joanna likes to put those personal touches on the house.

Of course, there are two sides to every story. Some of the homeowners who rented out their homes have claimed the attention is disrupting their daily lives. For instance, Dave Morrow who owned the Mailander House, said people were constantly on his property taking pictures. He claims that some would even be bold enough to knock on the door and ask to come inside. Morrow isn't alone, either. Harp also recently admitted that he chose to move due to concerns for his family's safety.

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Aren't Thrilled About 'Fixer Upper' Rentals