Watch Chip Gaines Hilariously Prank Unsuspecting Magnolia Market Customers

You never know what kind of trouble HGTV star Chip Gaines is going to get into. The charismatic DIY master recently had some fun in the customer service office at Magnolia Market by screening a few calls.

Now, we all hate talking to strangers sometimes. But that's especially true when we have to dial up customer service to fix a problem. But one lucky woman got a fix from the Fixer Upper master himself.

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In this hilarious Twitter video, Gaines slides on a headset and starts chatting up the unsuspecting customer. He tries to keep his cool while fielding her questions. He even explains that he is the manager on duty, or as he says, the "MOD."

With the office staff desperately trying to hold in their laughter, they finally lose it when he decides to squeak his name past the customer. And I mean literally squeak.

As laughter erupts, you can almost hear the excitement from the shocked caller as she realizes who is on the other end of the line. It's safe to say Gaines just flipped this lucky woman's entire day, if not her whole week.

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