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Chip and Joanna Gaines Make the Best Announcement for Home Cooks

Finally some good news. While we all still mourn the end of this power couple's show Fixer UpperI know, it's devastatingthere is now a reason to celebrate. It appears that Chip and Joanna Gaines are leaving the TV world to enter the realm of books by publishing their very own cookbook, the Magnolia Table Cookbook. It may seem like a bit of a jump to go from interior design and home remodels to a cookbook, but if you think about it for a moment, it does seem like the next logical step for the couple. After all, at the heart of every home is a kitchen, right?

Besides, the Gaines have also had the Silos Baking Company in Waco open for a year now and it would be silly to assume they've learned nothing about food preparation by having a hand in running that business. If that wasn't enough to convince them, Magnolia Table, their soon-to-open restaurant that was the former Elite Cafe, certainly did it. In fact, from the Instagram post it would be safe to say that it looks like Joanna knows what she's doing. Not that we had to doubt it, since this Banana Bread recipe is one of our favorites from the Gaines' kitchen.

Look at that impeccable brownie pie from the week-long photoshoot. And the mac + cheese. It would be a good bet to assume that this cookbook is going to be laden with some of the best comfort food recipes out there. Except they're probably going to be classed up because that's what the Gaines family does; they take classic and give it an elegant, modern twist.

Still, hopefully, they're going to release a few sneak-peek recipes on social for us to try out. Imagine the possibilities. If Joanna's Instagram is any indication, we just might see some early recipes to try out in our homes, just in time for Thanksgiving to boot! Might we request a good pecan pie recipe?

At the moment, there is still no mention of a publish date. So we are all going to have to wait with bated breath and keep our eyes on social media for that announcement. It certainly can't come soon enough though.

However, when it appears, you'd better hope that it comes with a pre-order button.

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