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8 Chinese Restaurants in Phoenix for an Authentically Delicious Feast

Phoenix, Arizona is beloved for its year-round sunshine, hiking trails and desert landscape. Located in a metropolitan area called Valley of the Sun, the weather doesn't get much better. This southwestern city is also close enough to Mexico that it has an amazing selection of Mexican and Tex-Mex food, from tacos to Sonoran hot dogs. However, Phoenix is also home to a wide varieties of types of food, not least of which being Chinese. To switch it up from Tex-Mex, check out of the tasty Chinese restaurants in Phoenix.

Phoenix had a bustling Chinatown at the turn of the 20th century that functioned as a center for Chinese culture and cuisine. Although the original Chinatown doesn't exist anymore, the Chinese Cultural Center is the place to go to see the Chinese architecture that makes Chinatowns so unique. Fortunately, just because Phoenix no longer has a Chinatown and doesn't specialize in Chinese food doesn't mean that you can't find a tasty bite to eat when the craving hits. Whether it's a late-night treat-yourself moment or a fancy dinner, Phoenix has plenty of options to choose from.

These Chinese restaurants offer a range of experiences, from authentic hole-in-the-wall options to higher-end Chinese food. Whether you have a hankering for dim sum, egg rolls, orange chicken, or fresh seafood, it can be found at these well-loved Asian restaurants. Locals and travelers passing through can both appreciate these havens of Chinese food in Phoenix. Here are 8 of the best Chinese restaurants in Phoenix.

1. Great Wall Cuisine

Great Wall Cuisine is another spot that Asian cuisine-lovers shouldn't pass by. The egg rolls, lo mein and fried rice are classic options, but the best part of this Chinese restaurant in Phoenix is the dim sum. Dim sum carts abound in the dining room, bringing delectable small plates to diners like chicken feet, pork buns, shu mai and shrimp dumplings. To really get out of your comfort zone, try the house special shark fin soup.

2. New Hong Kong Restaurant

New Hong Kong Restaurant is consistently considered some of the best Chinese food in the city, with a variety of traditional Cantonese food and more Americanized options for those just starting their journey into Chinese food. Some of the most popular authentic Chinese food option are the pork congee with preserved duck egg, Chinese flower mushrooms, and clay pots containing beef flank and daikon. To get American-style, go for the lo main and fried rice.

3. China Chili

One of the best Chinese restaurants in the city of Phoenix, China Chili has been around far longer than many of the newer up-and-coming restaurants in the Phoenix dining scene. The best way to fully experience all that China Chili has to offer is to try one of their incredible seafood dishes, from the spicy Sichuan prawns to the green mussels in black bean sauce.

4. King Wong Chinese Food

Another favorite choice is King Wong Chinese Food, known throughout the city for delivering Chinese takeout to a wide range of areas and serving huge portions. King Wong Chinese Food also has cheap deals, so you won't have to break the bank for a tasty meal. The Wong's Dinner provides soup, two appetizers and at least two entrees, so this is the perfect choice if you're sharing with a few friends.

5. Yi's Chinese Restaurant

Yi's Chinese Restaurant is owned by a sweet Chinese family who makes amazing Chinese food. The General Tso Tofu is perfect for any vegans and vegetarians, and the General Tsou Chicken, Boneless BBQ Spare Ribs and Orange Chicken are ideal for meat-lovers. This hole-in-the-wall will fill your plate with huge portions and satisfy your craving for authentic Asian food like no other.

6. Nee House Chinese Restaurant

Nee House Chinese Restaurant is in the north part of Phoenix, and it offers a great blend of Americanized dishes and authentic Chinese cuisine. Although Nee House is in the middle of a suburban strip mall, it's worth the trip for the baked crab in Kowloon style or the steamed whole crabs with special XO sauce. Choose a sea food item to truly experience this delicious restaurant on North Tatum Boulevard.

7. Desert Jade

Desert Jade is another spot to try when in the Phoenix area and craving some great food. The service is quick and attentive, and the dishes are classic options like fried rice and spicy chicken. Treat yourself with the the BBQ pork ribs, which have been described in Desert Jade's reviews as the "meatiest BBQ pork ribs ever!" and "The ribs stood out as I"d never seen so much meat on a rib!" Desert Jade is best for those looking for an Americanized version of Chinese food.

8. Super Dragon

Also in north Phoenix, Super Dragon serves classic Chinese food made with high quality ingredients. Although their prices might be a bit higher than others on this list, a trip is well worth it for the Sizzling Hong Kong Style Steak or the Cantonese Crispy Chicken. For a truly mouthwatering experience, go for their Peking duck, which Super Dragon specializes in. For a crispy, flavorful Peking duck with juicy meat and a side of Chinese crepes and plum sauce, Super Dragon is the place to go.

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