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The 10 Best Places to Get Chicken n Waffles in the South

While there are many iconic things about the south, few are as delicious and widely beloved as chicken n waffles. After all, what could be better than crispy chicken atop a huge waffle, drizzled in maple syrup and butter? This tasty soul food classic is the perfect combo of sweet and savory, great for brunch or whenever the craving hits. Here are the best 10 places to get chicken and waffles throughout the south!

1. Billy Jack's Wing and Draft Shack-Harrisonburg, VA

Billy Jack's motto says it all: "Beer Bacon Beef Bird." This famous restaurant is the place to go for the best chicken and waffles in Virginia. The chicken and waffle dish features a malt waffle with fried chicken, hot sauce, and maple syrup. If you're there around brunch time, you can enjoy your chicken and waffle as a Benedict with bacon waffles, fried chicken, egg and homemade hollandaise sauce.

2. Dilly Diner- Tulsa, OK

When passing through Tulsa, Oklahoma, there's no better stop for comfort food than Dilly Diner. Their chicken & waffles have a distinctive twist, as the chef uses Sriracha honey and sesame seeds to flavor the fried chicken breast and Belgian waffle.

3. Buttermilk Kitchen- Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is a haven of comfort food, and Buttermilk Kitchen is king among the city's many southern restaurants. The famous chicken and waffles aren't always available, but when the kitchen is serving it, the line will stretch out the door. Buttermilk Kitchen works to provide delicious food from local, sustainable ingredients.

4. Hattie B's Hot Chicken- Nashville, TN

Along with being the place for honky tonking and country music, Nashville has a selection of delectable, down-home restaurants to choose from. Hattie B's Hot Chicken is known to have the best hot chicken in the state, and this flavor added to sweet waffles is an irresistible combo. When getting a plate of chicken, you can choose between chicken wings, breast, leg, or a combo. However, it it's your first time at Hattie B's, go easy on the spice level, as they don't hold back on the spice. Visit one of the three locations in Nashville, or order online to enjoy from home.

5. Poogan's Porch- Charleston, SC

This Charleston classic provides elevated chicken and waffles, with a sweet potato waffle and a topping of maple syrup and sorghum butter. Plus, they serve a basket of fresh biscuits with every meal, so you won't leave hungry. If you're not feeling the chicken and waffles, try the shrimp & grits, egg white omelette, or brioche French toast.

6. 24 Diner- Austin, TX

For a hangover, the munchies, or just an old-fashioned craving for chicken n waffles, you can't go wrong with 24 Diner. Enjoy crispy chicken and sweet waffles, or have the fried chicken sandwich, breakfast platter, or a selection of delicious appetizers like fried chicken sliders and corn fritters.

7. Miss Polly's Soul City Cafe- Memphis, TN


If you find yourself in Memphis, you won't regret stopping into Miss Polly's Soul City Cafe, which is on Beale Street. Enjoy chicken n waffles for breakfast with eggs and potatoes or grits, or stop by for lunch or dinner and choose between variety of chicken cuts and sides.

8. Metro Diner- Jacksonville, FL

Metro Diner in Jacksonville is another southern classic for chicken and waffles. It was featured on Guy Fieri's "Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives," if that tells you anything about the quality of this beloved diner. The chicken and waffles come in enormous portions, and are topped with strawberry compound butter and sweet-and-spicy syrup for the perfect combo of sweet and spicy. The food coma that follows is more than worth it.

9. Dame's Chicken and Waffles- Durham, NC

For those who like options, Dame's is hard to beat, as they serve 10 different versions of chicken and waffles. Choose between different toppings, seasonings and waffle flavors, from sweet potato waffle to strawberry butter waffles to whiskey creme sauce on top. For some dependably good food, Dame's is the place to go in Durham, North Carolina.

10. The Breakfast Klub- Houston, TX


In contrast to Dame's many options and flavors, The Breakfast Klub sticks to the classics. Why fix it if it's not broken? When they opened back in 2001, they served only chicken and waffles and catfish and grits. The chicken and waffles are straight the point and everything you need, featuring a huge Belgian waffle with either fried chicken legs or wings.