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Virginia Chick-Fil-A Pays Tribute to Late Veteran in Amazing Way

When Bob, an 85 year-old veteran and regular customer at the Chesterfield Towne Center Chick-fil-A of Chesterfield, Va., passed away, the restaurant decided to pay tribute to their late friend.

Bob was known for visiting the fast food stop almost every day. When news of his passing reached restaurant owner Adam Roeger, he shared a special message about Bob via Facebook.

"We have placed a card out for well wishes and we're already on our second card," Roeger said. "If you have a fond memory, we would be honored to have you sign it. I'm sure Bob would as well."

Management recalls the that late veteran always ordered a Chick-fil-A deluxe sandwich with American and Colby Jack cheese, a large sweet tea with a splash of lemonade, a 20-ounce Icedream cup with a cone on top, and two of every sauce, honey, and crackers.

Bob joined the United States Navy and served on the U.S.S. Union during the Korean War.

"These people who came up to him, did not go by what he looked like," Bob's niece, Donna Cowardin, said. "They went by what was on the inside. And what was on the inside was a big heart. There are some really good people at the Chesterfield Towne Center." Donna's praise for the Chick-fil-A staff reminds us all that the little things do matter. Sometimes more than we know.

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