This Texas Teen Wrote a Love Song Dedicated to Chick-Fil-A

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Ask any Texas resident about Chick-fil-A and they'll tell you two things: they always crave it most on Sundays (when it's closed) and their dipping sauces are from another world. There are even memes circulating the internet regarding both facts. The restaurant's reputation is widely known for being especially positive and polite, with employees always responding "my pleasure" to requests. With a vibe like that, and delicious food, who wouldn't love Chick-fil-A?

One Texas teen wanted to prove her adoration for the chain was greater than most. How did she do that? The same way any quintessential love story starts: with a love song. According to the Houston Chronicle, Morgan Brown was assisting in the setup of a church fundraiser when she grew hungry for a late-night snack. Unfortunately, Chick-fil-A was closed for the day.

Brown decided she had to act. She sat down and wrote the song in hopes that one day, her hunger would be satisfied. The talented girl belted out surprisingly amazing vocals.

The best part of the song is when Brown states, "The truth is, I'm writing a song for the free food I'm hoping you'll send my way." Hey, at least she's honest. She also adds in a line regarding the cute marketing the chain uses with the cows on the billboards.  

True to form, the friendly fast-food chain responded in a way that all love stories should end: with reciprocated affections. Chick-fil-A gave Brown 34 free-meal gift cards.

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This Texas Teen Wrote a Love Song Dedicated to Chick-Fil-A