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In a Food Rut? Here's 15 Instagram Worthy Cheese Boards to Drool Over

Every now and then you need some mouthwatering food porn to distract you from the monotony of day three of leftovers. Enter the cheese board. A loaded cheese board is a beautiful sight to behold. Filled with fresh produce, marinated foods, crusty bread, artisanal crackers, quality cured meats, and all the cheese your taste buds can manage, cheese boards are truly what dreams are made of.

So to give you a break from eating another PB&J, we've turned to the masters of cheese and food photography to give you something to drool over. For better or worse, you're welcome.

How Sweet Eats

1. Stone Fruit Cheese Board Summer Bliss

For all those out there whose idea of dessert is a good cheese board, this one is for you. Ripe nectarines, plump cherries, juicy plums, whipped ricotta, and strong gorgonzola with a drizzle of lavender honey is summer's answer to dessert cheese.

2. The Rosé Way Cheese Board

This epic cheese board has the all the best fixings for a night with the gals. Fresh fruit, veggies, crispy crackers, baguette bread, prosciutto, Genoa salami, marinated olives, a drizzle of honey, and various types of cheeses all carefully laid out so you and your friends can dig in while sipping on some rosé.

Damn Delicious

3. Spring Cheese

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This welcoming array of color is much needed after a dreary winter. Taking the largest serving platter you have, load it up with vibrant seasonal produce, a handful of nuts, crunchy artisanal crackers, and a variety of cheeses.

4. Ultimate Holiday Board

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During the holidays we tend to put a whole heck of a lot of stress on cooking. Do yourself a favor, turn off the oven and load that baking sheet with a platter of cheese. Go all out with blue cheese, brie, herbed crusted goat cheese, cubes of Monterey Jack, and slices of white cheddar. Then pair it with some quality meats, prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe slices, grapes, nuts, and crackers to appease the crowd.

Looking Glass Creamery

5. Cheese Nibbler's Board

This is a glorious sight to see. Just look at all that cheese! The folks over in Asheville, NC sure do know how to make a cheese platter for the hungry nibbler.

Half Baked Harvest

6. Marinated Veggie and Summer Cheese Board

When you've got the grill fired up why not take advantage and make a killer cheese spread? Grilled veggies, marinated tomatoes, savory Italian meats, and crusty bread slices pair beautifully with chunks of fresh burrata and a semi-soft cheese like Manchego.

7. Sunday Brunch Board

How phenomenal is this cheese board idea for a Sunday brunch? A mash-up between breakfast, bruschetta, and a cheese board, this would be a hit with all your pals.

Vegetarian Ventures

8. Caprese Board

I think I've died and gone to heaven. This array turns the Caprese salad into a massive, beautiful cheese board. Appetizer, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert, this is good any time of day.

9. Rustic Cheese Board

This would make an easy cheese board appetizer for a rustic farm-to-table backyard dinner party, but we understand if you don't like sharing.

10. Simple Pretty Cheese Plate

You ever have those nights when all you want is cheese? This board is perfect for that. A hunk of blue cheese, some semi-hard cheese, dried apricots, olives, walnuts, a tasty fruit jam, and a few slices of bread is all you need. A pretty plate and cheese knives don't hurt either.

Cypress Grove

11. Elegant Picnic Spread

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Don't just gather with friends to have a picnic. Have a picnic with this fancy cheese cutting board. It's stacked with dried fruit, fresh fruit, pickles, olives, nuts, breadsticks, crackers, and enough creamy cheese to go around.

12. The Dessert Cheese Board

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Forget the fact this dessert board comes with fresh figs, ripe blueberries, dark chocolate, and a drizzle of honey. It has Humboldt Fog. Now, this is dessert.

13. Cheese and Beer

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Want to take a break from doing the same old thing? Host a cheese and beer pairing party like the award-wining California cheese makers Cypress Grove. You'll need a serving tray with a variety of soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses along with some quality brews like Allagash White and Founder's Breakfast Stout.

Allagash Brewing Company

14. Brewer's Board

Speaking of Allagash, these guys sure do know how to make a perfect cheese board! Which I guess isn't that surprising since beer and cheese go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Word to the wise, you'll need their saison to do this board justice.

15. Party Platter

Now, this is my kind of party. It's got all my favorite things in life. A tasty brew, an array of quality cheeses, and some fixing to go along. Life doesn't get much better than that.

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