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Sip Your Way to Wellness: The 7 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer. It's been around for centuries. It's the go-to for when you want to kick back and it's the first thing you offer guests at a cookout. It's the beverage of the people. And yet, this beverage gets a bad rap. The beer belly and fear of other negative side effects have left some to believe that beer is bad, and bad for you.

Like most alcoholic beverages like wine, beer can actually improve your health. While it should be noted that there most certainly are negative effects due to over consumption, when enjoyed in moderation, beer consumption is in fact good for you.

So good, that it will leave you mentally and physically healthy. As long as you stick to the daily moderation rule - one drink for women, two for men - you can reap these seven benefits living a healthy, happy life.

So please, crack open a cold one and drink your way of moderate beer consumption to these health benefits. Cheers!

1. Reduced Stress


Quite possibly the number one reason to down a cold one, beer is an excellent stress reducer. After a hard day at work, or being stuck in an awkward social situation, beer can help reduce the stress and leave you a bit more at ease.

Careful though, the reduced risk ends when you've had too much and you may time travel to tomorrow, with all the incriminating evidence to remind you.

2. Rich Source of Silicon

Why is silicon good? It increases bone density. As we get older, our bone density decreases, which puts us at risk for osteoporosis. If you don't want to wind up with a fractured hip, I recommend adding beer to your diet.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, silicon also helps reduce the uptake of aluminum in brain tissue, decreasing the risk of Alzheimer's.

3. It Has Vitamins!

For all of you out there that thought beer was a source of empty calories, think again. Beer has vitamin B as well as magnesium and potassium. Now, I'm not saying skip your daily multi-vitamin, but it's nice to know it's not all carbohydrates.

4. Aids Digestive System

Beer helps kick the digestive system into gear.

Without trying to get too much into detail, it increase gastric acids and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract thanks to all the fiber. I'd go on, but I think that will suffice.

5. Decreased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking alcohol has been linked to a decrease in type 2 diabetes. And beer is part of that list.

According to Beer and Health, drinking beer with a meal can reduce the spike of glucose levels. By stabilizing glucose levels, one has a lower risk of diabetes.

So for those of you that wish to imbibe a drink or two, sticking with beer can be a win win.

6. Decreased Risk of Cognitive Decline

Drinking beer can keep you sharp, that is, as long as you stick with one or two.

How so you ask? Well, beer contains hops, and hops are incredibly healthy. One of the main benefits being they aid in cognitive function, thanks to the flavonoid compounds.

So lesson here is, if you want to remain mentally intact, then you should opt for a hoppy IPA.

7. Decreased Risk of Cancer

Have any of you seen How Beer Saved the World? If not, let me sum it up by saying beer is praised to the extent - and rightfully so - that you would almost expect the final segment to be about how beer cured cancer. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Well, it may not be the cure to cancer, but research has shown it can at least aid in decreasing the risk. Thanks again to our lovely lupulin filled friend the hop, cancer growth is halted.

We'll cheers to that!

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