Volkswagen Super Bugger
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Check out These Vintage Volkswagen 'Super Buggers'

Remember playing the Volkswagen game? Any time a Volkswagen Beetle drove by, you couldn't help but rear back and hit your sibling or friend. Imagine how the rules would change if you saw one of these Volkswagen Super Buggers. You would be punching them for days.

These odd vehicles combine a regular Volkswagen Beetle with a small RV camper. The idea came to life from a third-party company located in California. They sold for $6,000 in 1975, which would be the equivalent to about $27,000 today, according to Country Living. Would you pay that kind of money for this retro-convenience?

The vehicle is obviously small, but it does have a small kitchen. The car, however, does not have enough room for a bed, but I'm sure that won't phase anyone ready for an adventure.

Maybe if these 'Super Buggers' receive enough attention, Volkswagen will take note and remaster this unusual design. Just imagine all of the fun camping trips you could have with this compact camper.

You could even take this small travel bug across the state of Texas for a week. There is an abundance of things to do in see in smaller towns.

I think this unique contraption is calling your name, because it sure is calling mine.

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