Tiger Adventure Siberian Camper
Tiger Adventure Vehicles/Siberian Exterior

This Stylish Off-Road Camper is Made for Modern Adventurers

Have you ever wanted to drive anywhere and everywhere in your own quarter of a million dollar tank? Well, with the new Tiger Adventure Vehicles Siberian camper you can do just that.

If you've ever looked at an F-550 and thought "That's not enough," Tiger Adventure Vehicles has you covered. The adventure vehicle customizers take the already gargantuan F-550 and soup it up to unimaginable proportions. They add brush guards, skid plates, off road lights, winch, and gas shocks on 41-inch Continental tires.


The Siberian camper is pretty much a truck on steroids, and the perfect vehicle if The Walking Dead ever became a reality. Fully equipped with all sorts of gas mat batteries and a solar array, you'll never have to return home. Then there's the engine. This thing is a hoss, with a 440-horsepower, 925 lb.-ft 6.7 liter Power Stroke diesel. And best believe it can traverse pretty much any and all terrain with its specialized three-point mounting system.



But the Siberian camper isn't all rough and tumble, because the interior is roomy and comfortable, just like home. There's bamboo cabinetry and acrylic corian countertops.




So if that's enough to more than enough to interest you in getting this hoss of a vehicle, just know it'll cost you. The base price for the Ford F550 version and Ram 5500 versions will run you $248,500. That's definitely a pretty penny, but the Siberian 4x4 looks like it might be worth it.

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