This Cheat Sheet Will Help You Grow Herbs Like a Pro

This incredibly helpful chart answers all your questions on how to grow herbs like an expert gardener.

Have you ever wanted to start your own herb garden? The fun and convenience of growing your own herbs is something that appeals to many people, even if you aren’t very skilled when it comes to gardening. Thankfully, the geniuses at Good to Be Home came up with this simple to read and easy to follow cheat sheet. It tells you what types of herbs grow best indoors and out, when the best time to plant them is, and what kind of specific attention each plant needs.

It’s great for beginners who don’t have a long history with gardening, but it’s also a helpful reference point for those who are more experienced. You may want to cross-reference the harvest and sowing timelines to your own area since the company who made the chart is UK-based, but overall the information is helpful no matter where you call home.

So grab your shovels, read this cheat sheet and go create the herb garden of your dreams.

Good to be Home

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This Cheat Sheet Will Help You Grow Herbs Like a Pro