Chase Rice Songs
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The 7 Best Chase Rice Songs, Ranked

Country singer Chase Rice had quite the colorful history leading up to his successful music career. The Asheville, North Carolina native played college football for the University of North Carolina but didn't pursue the NFL due to an injury. Following college, he was a NASCAR pit member before joining the cast of Survivor: Nicaragua, the 21st season of the favorite reality show.

Through that crazy ride, Rice decided to pursue his true passion for music, and I think we're all glad he did. He released his first studio album in 2010 (apparently with no help from his Survivor fame). The rest is history. Here are the seven best Chase Rice songs, ranked in order.

7. "Lions"

From 2017 album Lambs & Lions, Rice revealed that he felt this song was the heart of the album, inspired by his football days where he'd listen to music to get pumped up before a big game. After writing the song, he heard the quote "rise and rise again until lambs become lions" that he felt was a direct tie to the song. It's a different sound from Rice, and I love how personal it is for him.

6. "50 Shades of Crazy"

A strong song from 2014 album Ignite the Night, "50 Shades of Crazy" is just a fun song about a passionate relationship.

"You put your hands on me; I'll put my hands on you

We'll get out of hand, girl, I'll give you whatever hand you want me to

I can't quit, can't kick this kind of craving

Girl, you drive me fifty shades of crazy."

5. "Everybody We Know Does"

This 2016 song from Rice is the epitome of a solid country song. He wanted a song that personified the life of him and his friends and how they get together and sing songs together on the farm. It's his life in the form of a song and really pays homage to the country life that so many folks hold dear.

4. "Gonna Wanna Tonight"

This song shows a softer side to the singer. It was his second single off Ignite the Night and is one of Rice's best love songs. The music video is particularly adorable, chronicling various sweet moments in a relationship.

3. "Three Chords & the Truth"

From the 2017 album Lambs & Lions, the music video starts with Rice talking about how he first got his guitar from his dad and how he wants to give one to a child in need who is also interested in music. Of course, he ends up giving a sweet little boy a guitar and shows him how to play, so try not to cry while you watch that unwind. It's really the message in the music video and how important country music is to Rice that makes this song so great.

2. "Ready Set Roll"

Released as his first single from his EP Ready Set Roll, the song was later re-released on Ignite the Night. Easily one of Rice's most popular songs, it really put him on the map in Nashville.

1. "Eyes On You"

This is the ultimate sweet love song that any girl would want to hear. And the music video just makes it even better. Following two couples on vacation in the mountains, Rice sings about how he's always got his eyes on his love through all of their activities.

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