Chase Rice Drops New Single 'Whisper'

Chase Rice has been teasing his fans all week about the release of his new single, "Whisper".

It was set to be released on Feb. 5, but thankfully his fans didn't have to wait until midnight to get the full version, as it was available to download on iTunes a few hours early.

The song, as Rice describes it, is "about a man and a woman being together. It's about sex, there you go." "Whisper" has a way of depicting Rice's description in a subtle and mature way, one that's more appropriate for country radio than his "Ride" duet with Macy Maloy.

With tempo changes throughout the song, Rice mixes talented vocals in with the more modern country sound that has taken over the airwaves.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Rice talked a bit about what fans can expect from "Whisper" and the rest of his upcoming album slated to be released this summer. "This record is going to be a lot more me, a lot less girls, trucks and a perfect night. It's going to have a lot more substance about what I'm singing about." He says the album will have "a lot less girls, trucks and a perfect night."

Rice is making us wait for those songs until the full album is available, but with tons of posts already across social media, it looks like fans are content with what Rice has delivered in the interim.

Listen to Chase's new single below.

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Chase Rice Drops New Single 'Whisper'