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This Charming Tiny Cabin Has a Stunning Lakefront View

Screengrab via YouTube

There's nothing quite as magical as getting away and camping out by the lake. Usually, this means propping up a family tent, starting a fire and watching the sky fill with stars. But for one man, spending time in a tiny cabin is an even more magical experience.

To build his custom cabin by the lake, the designer took several different plans and put them together. The cabin comes complete with every amenity you can imagine, including a fairly large kitchen, a living space and a loft style bed. But, it actually has one you don't normally get with a tiny house - a porch. The porch even has enough room for a small bench so that you can relax outside on a nice day.

You can take a full tour of the tiny cabin in this video.

Not only is this cabin perfect for spending a few days at the lake, but it has plenty of living space available to live in it full time. In fact, the designer of the cabin does live in it. He even invites people to visit his tiny home and to enjoy the space he has created.

Naturally, living in a tiny home like this isn't for everyone. But, if you are looking to get away from the busy world we live in, this is definitely the way to do it.

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This Charming Tiny Cabin Has a Stunning Lakefront View