Charlie Robison Blasts Nashville Exec Over Country Radio Remarks

Charlie Robison writes a scathing response to a prominent Nashville exec's recent remarks about country radio.

Last week, Sony Music Nashville chairman and CEO Gary Overton gave an interview to The Tennessean in which he said "If you're not on country radio, you don't exist."

Texas country veteran Charlie Robison caught wind of Overton's strong words and fired back with a pointed Facebook post.

"I was signed by Warner bros, and Sony during the days I had the patience to smile while ignorant pencil pushing, mullet headed expense account rapists like you ran those labels. I'm on the road right now and just finished putting on a show for the folks in Shreveport. That's a town u call a blip on ur screen."

Robison also took aim Florida Georgia Line.

"I spent so many years in Nashville watching you ignorant wastes of space sit behind your big desk and act like me and all the Texas/Red dirt artists don't exist. Well Mr. "I have a job today but as soon as Florida/Georgia line goes out of style, and believe me dumbass they will, you will not exist.""

After learning of the comments, Florida Georgia Line chimed on Twitter:

Robison's response:

Here's some more of Robison's message:

"lemme cut you in on some people who don't exist. Willie Nelson,Billy joe Shaver,Robert Keen,Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso didn't exist for a long time. Guy Clark,Lyle Lovett, and the ever terrible songwriter Steve Earle. When the world of music fans go to bed tonight they'll be singing these amazing artists in their head."

Robison's comments come at an interesting turning point in country music. While mainstream artists evolving to sound less and less like country music, more listeners gravitating towards authentic and traditional sounds. Case in point: Aaron Watson's indie record The Underdog, which for more than two weeks has held the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot Country Albums.

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Charlie Robison Blasts Nashville Exec Over Country Radio Remarks