Charlie Robison Comments on Big Shakeup at Sony Music Nashville

Charlie Robison weighs in on the news of Gary Overton's departure from Sony Music Nashville.

Last week, Gary Overton announced he will step down from his role a Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Nashville at the end of March. The label confirmed it was a mutual agreement between Overton and Sony.

Overton has helmed Sony Music Nashville for five years. He drew criticism in February when The Tennessean quoted him as saying, "If you're not on country radio, you don't exist."

Shortly after the paper published Overton's quote, Texas country music artist Charlie Robison took to social media and responded with some rather biting words.

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While Overton was referring to the annual Country Radio Seminar, his comment was picked up by media outlets across the country.

Robison sat with Saving Country Music after Overton's announcement to discuss labels, radio and the online dialogue prompted by his Facebook rant.

"It more p--ed me off that someone could say something like that about my peers or people that I have looked up to all my life and think they could get away with it," Robison said in response to Overton's remarks. " I thought I was going to wake up the next morning and see 50 'likes' and that's all there was going to be to it. I had not earthly idea that Florida Georgia Line was going to jump in the mix and that this was going to end up maybe forcing him out of his position as president [of Sony Nashville]. You know, I feel for his family, but to tell you the truth, I really don't give a s-t about him."

You can currently find Robison traveling around Texas, jamming at festivals and small clubs. He released his latest album, High Life, on independent label Jetwell Records.

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Charlie Robison Comments on Big Shakeup at Sony Music Nashville