Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels Has Some Feelings About Taco Bell's Illuminati Commercials

Charlie Daniels is known for being outspoken, but a recent tweet about a Taco Bell commercial has raised a few eyebrows.

If you happen to follow Daniels on Twitter, you'll know he is not one to shy away from any subject that pops into his mind. From politics to throwback photos, he talks about almost everything. But new one train-of-thought tweet caught the attention of thousands, thanks to its rather surprising subject matter.

Say what now? Let me give you a little background.

Taco Bell is currently running ads using the term "Belluminati," pushing their fast food brand as the treat that will take over the world. It's a pretty harmless play on the idea of a secret society influencing major global issues. But it didn't seem to tickle Daniels' funny bone.

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Why is The Illuminati such an important subject to the 81-year-old? That remains to be seen, but his reaction has certainly spurred plenty of jokes from other Twitter users.

Here's a few of my favorites.

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