Charlie Daniels Calls Obama 'Spoiled Child' in Open Letter

Charlie Daniels has never been afraid to share his feelings on political and social issues. The artist held nothing back in his latest open letter to President Obama, which has quickly gone viral.

On June 8, a message to Obama was posted on Daniels' official website. It starts off with the artist sharing his own story of how he moved to Nashville and struggled to survive. He credited God, not the government, with his ability to become successful and emerge from poverty. His disapproval of big government fueled his accusations of Obama having "little faith in American ingenuity, American capability, American exceptionalism and even American patriotism."

"Your petulance is unbecoming, Mr. President, and your criticism of anyone who disagrees with you is downright unmanly," Daniels wrote. "You come off like a spoiled child who has been denied his way. And while you blame your shortcomings on opposing political parties, you have had both houses of Congress and the White House in the first two years of your term. Plus an electoral mandate to do just about anything you wanted to, so the least you can do is cowboy up and take the blame for the messes you've made."

Daniels even goes as far as calling Obama "a spoiled child who has been denied his way," and criticizes many of his policies and political choices. Specifically, he shares his anger towards Obama's stances on gay marriage, the United States' relationship with Israel and strategies for tackling the national debt.

"You're running out of diversions Mr. President, sleight of hand political policies eventually stop working and lies finally float to the top of water," Daniels wrote. "Time is running out for you Mr. President and the horrible thing about it is that time is running out for America too."

This isn't the first time Daniels has written an open letter to the president. Shortly after Obama won his second term, Daniels posted a letter that listed his seven principles of how to be a president of the people. Since then, he has regularly written posts sharing his opinions about various political issues.

Daniels will be on tour throughout the U.S. the rest of the year. More of his opinion-based posts can be found at his official website.

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Charlie Daniels Calls Obama 'Spoiled Child' in Open Letter