Change the Way You Vacation With This Bicycle Mini-Camper


If you love camping outdoors and exploring scenic trails, this new mini-camper might change the way you vacation forever.

Usually, you only really have two options when it comes to camping. Either you can use a tent and really get in touch with your surroundings, or you can tow a large camper to your destination. Both options have good and bad qualities, but now there’s another option for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a camper without the hassle of taking a large vehicle with you.

The Wide Path Camper is a mini camper that you can tow with just your bicycle. It only weighs about 100 pounds and features a clever design that gives you space for two people to sleep comfortably. It also has a folding sitting area both inside and outside, and plenty of storage for your travel needs. The camper folds to a smaller size for convenience and ease when biking, then only takes about three minutes to set up once you arrive at your destination.

The camper is currently available online for $2,200. To learn more about the mini-camper and to order one for yourself, watch the video above and visit the official Wide Path Camper website.

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Change the Way You Vacation With This Bicycle Mini-Camper