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Watch Chad Prather Nail Archie Campbell's Classic Hee Haw Bit 'Rindercella’

Comedian Archie Campbell was a star of the hit country comedy show Hee Haw. Of all the great bits he filmed, his "Rindercella," a jumbled retelling of Cinderella, was arguably his best. Campbell's version of the classic fairy tale switched the first letters of the last two words in each line of the story and used those mixed up words throughout the tale.

Now, fast-talking cowboy Chad Prather, known best for his viral video "Unapologetically Southern," is taking his stab at the classic bit. Prather filmed the video in the cab of his truck, where we've all become accustomed to seeing him. He's also wearing his signature cowboy hat and using his country flare to tell the comedic story. After hearing this new version, we assume Campbell would be proud.

You'll have to listen carefully if you want to follow along with the whole story. Check it out below.

Prather pulled off the bit perfectly, but of course Campbell's version is still the best. Prather's personality is perfect for this comedic story, and it's amazing how easily he is able to tell it. How many times do you think he rehearsed it?

This particular video is a bit different than Prather's other videos. Traditionally, he uses his platform to tackle some tough topics and offer insights on social issues that are causing conflict in the world.

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