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This Video Shows Why Central Texas Barbecue is More Than Just Food

The barbecue pit masters of Central Texas have become icons. And their slow smoked and lightly seasoned brisket has become one of America's most highly coveted foods.

In Barbecue, a short film created by Urtext Films, we get a glimpse of what makes Central Texas barbecue special. It gives voice to several of the region's most iconic pit masters. These icons tell of how and why barbecue here is more than just a regional style of food. It demonstrates how it is an undeniable part of what makes this region unique. In the end, we learn that it is part of their identity.

Among the testimonials, we have the pit master of Davis Grocery & Bar-B-Q in Taylor, a Baptist preacher who relays how God revealed that slow smoking meats would be his life's work. Next, we hear how D-Day veteran Vencil Mares tells of saving up his army pay to open up the Taylor Cafe. Also, the folks from Kreuz Market of Lockhart, including pit boss Roy Perez, explain how barbecue in Central Texas is part of their family and community identity. And finally, Louie Mueller Barbecue of Taylor speaks to the mythology and lore surrounding this Central Texas tradition.

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The film expertly shows how barbecue really is a way of life. If you don't find yourself inspired by the end of the clip, I guarantee that you'll at least be hungry.

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