Celine Dion Reveals Her Seizure Footage in New Documentary
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Céline Dion Reveals Her Seizure Footage in New Documentary

Céline Dion shows us an uncomfortable truth to her stiff person syndrome. No one wants to see her grapple with the pain, people might argue it's best to leave it to the imagination. However, let her call it, it's important in capturing the fullness of the journey rather than sugarcoat it.

Dion allows us to take a look behind the scenes to see her journey. She's rehabbing from a rare neurological disease called stiff person syndrome. Then, the doc takes a darker turn when Céline suffers a seizure amidst a physical therapy session. She convulses and agonizingly winces on camera, tears in her eyes. The camera man asks if she wants a moment of privacy. The singer spotlights her perseverance by mouthing that she's okay.

Céline Dion Insists Upon Keeping Footage

The documentary's director Irene Taylor recalls the unsettling scene. "Her therapist saw the [medical] episode coming on, and within 30 seconds there was no going back. We just responded as quickly as we could," she explains. "We really could not move from that corner of the room. I was holding a microphone [and used it] to gauge if she was breathing or not."

Furthermore, Irene says Céline insists upon keeping the difficult scene for personal reasons. "It was very upsetting. Very upsetting. I know it's hard on some viewers, it was hard on me, too," she continues. "But I will tell you that Céline felt validated to see herself like that, and she thought it would help her if other people could understand what [SPS] is like."

Moreover, Dion tells Taylor to keep the camera running at all times. Irene adds, "If it does happen, [Céline] told me over and over again, 'Don't ask me permission to film, just keep rolling and we can talk about it later.'"

Ultimately, Céline wants this to be a story of endurance first and foremost. It doesn't matter what life throws at Dion. Regardless, she fights for what she loves. She says in the documentary, ""I still see myself dance and sing. I always find Plan B and Plan C, you know. That's me. If I can't run, I'll walk. If I can't walk, I'll crawl. But I won't stop. I won't stop."