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Amateur Fisherman Snags Record-Breaking Catfish in Texas Lake

If you're looking to catch a giant catfish, you might want to head out to the Texas Hill Country.

Fisherman Tim Webb caught a record-breaking catfish while out on Lake Lyndon B. Johnson on Dec. 22. According to, Webb managed to reel in a 71.4 pound, 51 and 3/4 inch behemoth.

A resident of Sunrise Beach, Webb said he just got "lucky" when he made the catch of a lifetime. The "beer sportsman" said he cast out from the shoreline and reeled in "Big Blue" shortly after.

Webb would have loved to keep his catch, but he decided to release it after Inks State Park officials weighed the beast. He said that he "wasn't happy about releasing" the fish, but thought it was "the right thing."

Inks State Park officials said that the previous state record for a rod and reel catch was 41 pounds. Needless to say, Webb's impressive catch dwarfs that old record. Webb was also quick to say that he's no serious fisherman, using regular bait on a normal line to make the catch.

Unlike most fishermen who make massive catches like Webb's, he said he's happy to share his fishing spot. "I don't have a problem sharing (the fishing spot), because I'd rather see people enjoying the outdoors," he explained."

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