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Texas Boy Catches Catfish with Rattlesnake Attached

Chipper Burman, a 10-year-old from Hockley Texas, got a little more than he bargained for while fishing on his family's pond earlier this month. He reeled in a large catfish, only to find a nonvenomous diamondback water snake attached. Both the snake and the fish were still alive when Burman caught them and in the midst of a struggle.

After attempting to pull them apart, Burman ran to get his grandfather for assistance. His Grandpa filmed the two animals scuffling in the dirt before they decided to put them back in the water. "After putting the fish under water for another minute or so, the snake was forced to abandon his dinner and swim to safety," Heather told "Chipper said he deserved to live after all of that and the fish was too big to eat anyway."

Burman was rather unphased by his unique catch because he apparently has two snakes of his own. The snake, a diamondback watersnake, isn't a venomous species, so it posed little threat to Burman.

Burman's mother, Heather, shared the video on June 6.

Although Burman wasn't worried about the situation, the snake seems quite perturbed about his challenging meal. Burman has an exciting story and the fish lives to swim another day.

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