This Cat and Her Adopted Ducklings Is the Cutest Thing Ever [VIDEO]


When Ronan and Emma Lally went on a search of their Irish farm for some lost newborn ducklings, they were surprised at what they found.

The two eventually found the ducklings encountered by Dalla the cat. When the couple saw one of the babies hanging from Dalla’s mouth, it seemed like things were about to take a horrifying turn. Though, the cat surprisingly had no ill intentions toward the little ducks. Instead, she treated them as if they were here own children when they cuddled up beside her. In any other case, the cat’s natural instinct would have likely been a terrible outcome for the baby ducks. So why was Dalla so attached to them?

The Lallys discovered Dalla had given birth to babies of her own just a few hours earlier; so her hormone levels had been shifted and caused her to treat the ducks like her own newborns. The ducklings even began to try and nurse from Dalla, which was likely a result of mimicking the kittens’ behavior, as normal duck mothers do not produce milk.

This adorable, cuddle-filled relationship will tug at your heartstrings. You can watch the full episode of BBC’s Animal Odd Couples that features the full story of Dalla and her ducklings.

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This Cat and Her Adopted Ducklings Is the Cutest Thing Ever [VIDEO]