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Casi Joy Laughs Off Her Troubles on Cheeky 'Everything's Fine' [Song Premiere]


Singer-songwriter Casi Joy chronicles one of those days (or weeks) when everything seems to go wrong on "Everything's Fine," a playful tune that finds The Voice alum laughing off those Mercury in retrograde moments, mining her own life experiences for inspiration.

"It's fine, fine, everything's fine/ looking for gold in the silver lining/ the only shoe to fit is this boot on my tire," Joy sings. "It's fine, fine, everything's fine/ Sweeping the floor of a house on fire/ Better days are sure taking their time/ But everything's fine."

"Nowadays, it seems more common than ever that things don't go according to plan," Joy tells Wide Open Country. "I've learned you can either let it get you down, or find a way to laugh it off and keep going. That mindset, and a few life experiences went into writing this song with Justin Klump and Lauryn Tauber. For example, the opening line is inspired by the time I went to an audition, didn't get the gig, and then my card got declined trying to get out of the parking garage. I was actually trapped, and had to call my mom. Sometimes all you can do is laugh and say, 'everything's fine!' No one remembers a story that goes according to plan anyway!"

Listen to "Everything's Fine" below.


Joy, who received a four chair turn during the blind auditions for season 12 of The Voice, released her EP The Bright Side in 2019.

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