Casi Joy Wows 'The Voice' with Pitch Perfect Rendition of 'Blue'

Kansas City native Casi Joy wowed all four judges on The Voice with an incredible rendition of "Blue." That song propelled LeAnn Rimes to stardom in her early teens. And if Joy's performance is any indication, it might do the same for her.

The tune stands out even in the country world for its classic "yodel" in the chorus and its iconic melody. It seems Joy hooked judges immediately with it, too.

In what must be close to record time, Gwen Stefani turned for Casi Joy around two seconds into her performance. After that, Alicia Keys joined in, followed by Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Of course, Levine seemed to suggest his turning was a lost cause. Thanks to Joy's clear cut country sound, he figured she'd go with Shelton. So did she?


Yep, NBC is a major tease. So we don't quite know who she chose just yet, but we'll find out this week. Who knows, maybe Levine's boyish temper tantrum won over the 26-year-old with an earthy voice.

Then again, Alicia Keys — hands down the best vocalist on the show — makes a good point. She could choose Gwen and get a two-for-one with some access to Shelton.

But Casi Joy, who has made music her entire life, says she's not locked into country. She may want to go pop or rock, who really knows. She's a voice for molding!

Joy already has a pretty major following. She started singing at age 5, and got the attention of Radio Disney when she was 13. She performed in a Disney girl group for awhile, then transitioned to rock.

But by the time she moved to Nashville in 2015, Joy fell back in love with country music. So at this point, the direction she wants to go really is anybody's guess. She's got the voice to do it; now she just needs to songs and the guidance.

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