Watch Casey Donahew's New Music Video for 'Kiss Me'

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Casey Donahew just released his new music for "Kiss Me," the plucky first single off his new album All Night Party.

Signaling some serious growth in Donahew's sound, "Kiss Me" is a standout track. And not just on the album, but from his whole career. All Night Party debuted in the iTunes Top 5 Country chart when it came out Aug. 19. Donahew also recently announced plans to take "Kiss Me" to national radio.

The video features on the early stages of young love. And of course, shots of Donahew performing the tune in smoky bars, where the Texas country star got his star.

It's a cute video, and perfectly fits the sentiment of the song. In his recent interview with Wide Open Country, Donahew noted the song tackles a few things the band doesn't regularly go after -- like love in a, you know, positive way.

"Kiss Me" also marks the first use of a banjo in a Casey Donahew song. The band bought a banjo to play on stage specifically for that occasion.

Catch Casey and the boys playing "Kiss Me" and a whole bunch of other tunes on the road through November, and again at Steamboat Springs in January. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates at his official website.

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Watch Casey Donahew's New Music Video for 'Kiss Me'