Feeling Blue? These 9 Carrot Juice Benefits Will Perk You Up

If you haven't hopped on the carrot juice wagon, 2022 is the year to start. This simple veggie is a powerhouse superfood that has immense health benefits. Instead of consuming whole carrots, you can juice your carrots for a pleasant and mild drink. Carrots are sweet root vegetables that are delicious raw, cooked, and even juiced. Carrot juice may be most well known for its natural ability to boost weight loss. The juice aids in bile secretion, which helps your body burn fat. Of course, that is just one of many carrot juice benefits.

Read on to see how this superfood can improve your health!

Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

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1. Essential Nutrients

Carrots contain a ton of carotenoids, which help act as antioxidants in your body. One of the carotenoid pigments produced is zeaxanthin. This powerful antioxidant fights free radicals in the body.

Carrots also contain a ton of Vitamin C and potassium. Beta carotene, which is the carotenoid that gives carrots their orange color, turns into Vitamin A in the body. Your reap the benefits of 255% of your daily value in Vitamin A.

2. Eye Health

Carrots are known to be good for the eyes, though they probably won't improve your eyesight. Vitamin A is key to keeping your eyes healthy. Increased vitamin A can decrease your risk of blindness and macular degeneration.

3. Immune Booster

Consuming carrot juice is great for your immune system. Carrot juice provides a substantial amount of your daily Vitamin B-6. People with vitamin B deficiencies may have weakened immunity. If you have lower levels of Vitamin B, try adding a glass of carrot juice to your daily routine.

4. Improve Blood Sugar Levels 

Carrot juice has a low glycemic index and high levels of carotenoids. The carotenoids help regulate the levels, making sure they stay within a normal range.

5. Reducing Chances of Cancer

Carrots have high levels of beta carotene, which may reduce cancer risk. Carrot juice also contains high levels of lutein, which has been shown to prohibit grown of Leukemia cancer cells.

Recent studies have come out associating higher levels of carrot consumption with lower risks of breast cancer.

6. Increase Heart Health

One of the most important benefits of carrot juice is reducing the elements of cardiovascular disease.

Carrot juice is a good source of potassium, which is an important factor in blood pressure regulation. Those with a high potassium diet may be protected against strokes. A high potassium diet can also protect against high blood pressure and other forms of heart disease,

Those with high cholesterol may also want to consume carrot juice. Studies show that the high levels of dietary fiber and vitamin E in carrots may help decrease cholesterol levels.

7. Boosts Cognitive Functioning

Unfortunately, carrot juice won't turn you into an overnight genius. However, consuming fruit and vegetable juice has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, as well as improve cognitive function.

8. Glowing Skin

Carrot juice contains vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production. Collagen gives your skin more elasticity and helps strengthen your skin.

9. Healthy Pregnancy

For pregnant women, carrot juice contains tons of nutrients for both themselves and their babies. Carrot juice is rich in folate and calcium, which growing babies need to build strong bones.

Make Your Own Carrot Juice

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Instead of purchasing pre-made carrot juice, buy some raw carrots and make it yourself. If you own a juicer, you simply need to add the carrots to the juicer and let it work its magic.

To make a cup of carrot juice, you'll need about 4-6 carrots. The juicer will extract the juice, meaning you don't need to peel the carrots.

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If you're not a huge fan of pure carrots, you can tweak the carrot juice recipe by adding orange juice or ginger.

We recommend drinking 1/2 cup carrot juice per day to avoid the main side effect of carotenemia. Carotenemia is the yellowing of the skin that can occur from drinking too much carrot juice.

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