Carrie Underwood
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Watch Carrie Underwood's Revamped Sunday Night Football Intro


With the dawning of a new NFL season comes a revamped sound and look for Carrie Underwood's "Oh, Sunday Night," the theme for NBC's Sunday Night Football.

The song, based on Underwood and Miranda Lambert duet "Somethin' Bad," debuted last season. Underwood "waited all day for Sunday night" during the 2013-2015 seasons.

Every year's opening intro features NFL stars in funny (lip-syncing Eli Manning) or fun (the Luke Kuechly selfie) situations. Antonio Brown and Patrick Peterson have recurring roles at this point. Jason Pierre-Paul, Dak Prescott, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Derek Carr, Julio Jones, Travis Kelce and Dont'a Hightower round out the list of Underwood's guest stars.

Sure, little things can be nitpicked. Underwood and some players catch fire like it's the Hunger Games, while others emit a much weaker Twilight sparkle. Announce teams probably don't get rock star greetings right off the bus ever. And as usual, the whole thing is a less than subtle cell phone provider commercial.

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The good outweighs the silly when you consider the global platform being given to a country star. It's nothing new, considering Underwood has Faith Hill's old gig. Before that, Hank Williams Jr. pretty much invented the retooled hit as football-themed country song for a different network.

Still, an upbeat, modern country song blares before one of each week's marquee football games, catching the ears of potential listeners distracted by different devices and mediums throughout the week.

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