Carrie Underwood Son Jacob

Carrie Underwood's Son Jacob Plays With Family Dog in Adorable Footage

Mike Fisher recently shared a video on Instagram in which his and Carrie Underwood's 1-year-old son Jacob gets a little outdoor exercise with the family dog, Zero.

Jacob's all smiles while Zero keeps pace with the youngster's miniature four-wheeler. It's coronavirus pandemic-friendly fun and a reminder that there's nothing like the bond between a kid like Jake and his pet pals.

Before now, Jacob Bryan Fisher's brightest social media moment came in January on his first birthday, when the little guy tore into his birthday cake.

"You are smiley, crazy, smart, soooo fast and into everything!," Underwood wrote on Instagram about a truly happy birthday. "And, apparently, you love cake! I can't wait to see your personality continue to shine!"

Big brother Isaiah Michael Fisher has also won the hearts of his country music superstar mom and former NHL player dad's fan bases. His cutest moment to date came when he claimed in a school assignment that Underwood's 70-years-old and that her job is to do laundry (as opposed to sing "Dirty Laundry").

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Underwood and Fisher considered Jacob a "miracle baby" because in between the births of their first child and second son, Underwood suffered three miscarriages.

Fisher, a former captain of the Nashville Predators, is half of one of the most endearing celeb couples on the internet. His seven-time Grammy award-winning, American Idol champion wife ranks high among the top country stars of the century, so she needs no introduction.

Fans of the Fisher family go from crying with them while watching Mike and Carrie: God & Country to feeling uplifted by the couple's reliance on faith to get through tough times. Plus they're hilarious people, baby boys included, as established by Carrie's social media presence.

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