Carrie Underwood Has Perfect Response to Man Who Shamed Her Trainer

Carrie Underwood does not tolerate bullying, especially of those close to her.

When a man recently posted an image of Underwood's trainer, Erin Oprea, working out during one of her son's soccer game, with an offensive caption, Underwood took to her Instagram account to share her feelings on the subject.

Under the picture she posted she wrote, "This guy felt the need to post this pic of my friend and trainer, Erin Oprea, along with some really insecure and mean comments. He was shaming her for getting in some exercise during her son's soccer game. Not cool."

The post also leads her followers to Oprea's blog that explains in more detail the real story behind the picture. As a busy working mom, Oprea says she always has weights and a jump rope in the car with her that she puts to good use when she has a few moments to spare to get her own workout in.

One of those moments happened to be during one of her son's soccer games, where in the middle of her workout, someone who Underwood stated "obviously has a big problem..with himself," took a picture of her in action and posted it on the internet claiming "this woman" was only looking or attention.

The picture has brought attention, but thankfully not in the way it was originally intended. It has shed light on the subject of bullying and the fact that it can happen at any age. Hopefully, whoever posted the photo is somewhere hanging his head down in shame.

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Carrie Underwood Has Perfect Response to Man Who Shamed Her Trainer