Carrie Underwood Reveals The Secret To Keeping Toned Legs
Photo By Catherine Powell/Getty Images for Amazon Music

Carrie Underwood Reveals The Secret To Keeping Toned Legs

I didn't have "Carrie Underwood teaches me how to achieve better gains in the gym" on my Bingo card, but here we are! It's the season for trying to hit our physical goals before the beaches and other events where people are likely to see more of you! Well, if you're struggling to hit your stride, Carrie Underwood has your back!

She's a country-singing superstar and a fitness guru. It's okay if you didn't know — it's news to me, too.

I'll admit it, it's so bizarre to know this. Underwood's in great shape, of course, but seeing her getting buff instead of on a stage singing her heart out is jarring. It makes sense, though. I don't think we realize how much physicality goes into something like a concert. You can't take breaks, you're singing, and you're moving around a lot.

Through that lens, Underwood is flexing on us. "I do high-intensity performances and find the time to work out!" It's cruel, that mistress we call "life."

What's more, Underwood has an entire fitness app. Yeah, Fit52 is all her! If you're so inclined, you can download the app and follow Underwood through many painful squats, lunges, and lifts.

Carrie Underwood Gets Fit Through Her Fitness App, Fit52

Technically, you're here for legs (what a sentence). For that, Underwood utilizes the "Flash Fit" routine. She would explain the process through Instagram.

"A Flash Fit is my favorite way to add a little extra credit to my workouts. ... New to the fitness game and not exactly sure where to start? We've got you! Flash Fits are short and sweet sessions that are a fun and accessible way to start adding more movement into your routine. Work your lower body with Carrie's famous leg workout available only in the app: Fire Hydrants, Side Lying Leg Lifts, Bulldog Floor Squats, and Standing Hamstring Curls. 5 reps of each exercise, 5 times through."

Sounds like she wants us all to suffer. I get it: "No pain, no gain. Her schedule's busier than ours and she finds the time to work out." Yeah, yeah. But complaining about things that are good for me is on par with the day-to-day on the internet!