Carrie Underwood Reveals ‘Storyteller’ Track Listing

Don’t worry everyone, we are now one step closer to getting our hands on new music from Carrie Underwood. The country star has had a busy few weeks since she announced her return to music after a brief hiatus. Her new single, “Smoke Break”, has been rapidly climbing up the charts as she promotes her the upcoming release of her fifth studio album.

“Storyteller” has become one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, and Underwood has been driving up the anticipation even more by slowly leaking new bits of info about the album with her fans.

In a series of posts on her official Instagram account, Underwood revealed each song title inside an interactive “storybook”. Although the posts didn’t feature any sneak peaks of the actual music, Underwood has hinted that her recent single is a good representation of her album’s sound. If that’s the case, “Storyteller” is likely destined to follow her previous releases as at the top of the country charts.

The track listing for Carrie Underwood’s “Storyteller” is as follows:

1. “Renegade Runaway”
2. “Dirty Laundry”
3. “Church Bells”
4. “Heartbeat”
5. “Smoke Break”
6. “Choctaw County Affair”
7. “Like I’ll Never Love You Again”
8. “Chaser”
9. “Relapse”
10. “Clock Don’t Stop”
11. “The Girl You Think I Am”
12. “Mexico”
13. “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted”

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Carrie Underwood Reveals ‘Storyteller’ Track Listing