Carrie Underwood Gives Back to Police Chief Injured in Car Accident

GoFundMe, Christopher Polk/Getty Images

After Checotah Assistant Police Chief Justin Durrett was in a rollover accident on his way to work, his old friend Carrie Underwood stepped up to help with his medical expenses.

According to the GoFundMe page started for Durrett, he endured a broken neck, a bruised spine, injured vertebrae, loss of feeling in his legs and an infection in the lungs due to his Feb. 11 accident.

The incident occurred on his way to work. "...He slid off the road, rolled his truck he was ejected from his truck. Then the truck landed on him. It's by the grace of God this man is alive, not only alive but responsive. He had been underneath the truck for at least 45 minutes," his GoFundMe explains.

Underwood's donation on Durrett's campaign popped up on Feb. 17 after she heard the news. The hefty $10,000 donation accredited to Carrie Fisher (Underwood's married name) raised some eyebrows, leading people to wonder if it really was THE Carrie Underwood.

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Oklahoma reporter Tess Maune confirmed on Twitter that Underwood and Durrett grew up together and attended the same church. Being a good friend with a big heart and the means to help, Underwood reached out without hesitation, wishing Durrett a successful recovery.

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Carrie Underwood Gives Back to Police Chief Injured in Car Accident