Carrie Underwood Ditches a Cheater in 'Dirty' New Single

There are few things more enraging than finding out your loved one has been fooling around with someone else. Carrie Underwood has made a living on making anthems for those who've been wronged, and continues that trend with her latest single.

"Dirty Laundry" tells the story of a woman who discovers a little more than she bargained for when loading up her washer. Her man's clothing seem to unravel a series of events that leave her ready to walk out the door.

Thanks to hits like "Before He Cheats," Underwood has become known for her strong and fearless style of country music. Instead of giving him a pass, she makes it clear that she has no intentions of sticking around. "If the neighbors get to asking, I won't cover nothin' up," she proclaims. "I'll tell 'em every little detail, how you drug me through the mud."

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With a dedicated fan base behind her, it's likely that "Dirty Laundry" will be yet another home run on the charts for Underwood. If you can't wait to hear it on the radio, you can pick up and spin her latest record, Storyteller. 

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Carrie Underwood Ditches a Cheater in 'Dirty' New Single