Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Stage Presence in 'Church Bells' Video

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The third single off Carrie Underwood's Storyteller album, "Church Bells," was recently released; and as the song is making noise on the charts, the music video premiered today. Underwood teamed up with ABC's Good Morning America to introduce the Wayne Isham-directed video to the world.

Consisting primarily of footage from a Lincoln, Nebraska show, the "Church Bells" video shows off a sassy and confident Underwood performing in front of tens of thousands of singing and screaming fans. Proving to be a full-fledged entertainer, Underwood poured herself into the delivery of the story song that takes listeners on a journey through a relationship gone wrong. As the romance digresses from the honeymoon phase into abuse and, ultimately, murder, Underwood can be seen acting out the anger on stage as she brings the lyrics to life.

Underwood released two other singles off Storyteller to date, "Smoke Break" and "Heartbeat," both of which topped the country airplay charts. Storyteller marks Underwood's sixth album (five studio albums and one greatest hits compilation), and also serves as her sixth No. 1. This feat makes Underwood the only artist in fifty-one years of chart history to have her first half dozen albums soar to the top.

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Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Stage Presence in 'Church Bells' Video