Sanford Myers/ AP/ Instagram/ Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's Baby Son Loves His Mom's Singing Voice, But Not His Dad's


Everyone's a critic of stars the caliber of country singer Carrie Underwood and her husband, retired NHL player Mike Fisher--including their five-month-old son, Jacob.

Underwood posted an Instagram video on Sunday (June 23) of Fisher singing Vince Gill's "I Still Believe in You" to his irritable infant. Little Jacob's tears go away instantly when his mom's familiar voice drowns out dad's. No offense to the former Predators captain, but the baby's got a good ear for country singers.

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The comments section finds Justin Timberlake and Kimberley Williams Paisley sharing a laugh with Underwood and her fans. Fisher also chimes in, showing his sense of humor, competitive nature or a mixture of both when explaining away his clear defeat: "The real reason is he was hungry and wanted your food. #notmysinging 😂😂"


Underwood and Fisher married on July 10, 2010. They have another son, 4-year-old Isaiah.

The parental sing-off wasn't the only funny thing earning Underwood some light-hearted media attention over the weekend. She was "speechless" upon seeing her green room surprise at a June 20 tour stop in Milwaukee: a 40-pound cheese sculpture made to resemble the cover of her Cry Pretty album.

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