You Can Cruise the Seas with Tim McGraw and Little Big Town

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Ever dreamt of taking a cruise, sipping a frozen margarita poolside and then ending your night at a country concert? Well, it looks like that dream could become a reality. Carnival Cruise Line has booked Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Jay Leno and Jeff Foxworthy for a set of cruise performances in 2017.

If you're a fan of McGraw or Little Big Town, this might be the best way ever to enjoy one of their concerts. The special country guests are part of the cruise line's Carnival LIVE concert series.

Both will hope aboard the ship when it docks in Nassau, Bahamas to perform a short concert for ship guests. McGraw will perform on the Carnival Breeze ship on March 2 and the Carnival Valor ship on March 3. Little Big Town will also appear on two ships -- the Carnival Dream on May 11 and the Carnival Valor on May 12.

The big name country performers don't stop there for the Carnival LIVE series, though. Later in 2017, they'll be having Carrie Underwood come onboard to perform. No times or dates announced for Underwood yet.

McGraw and Little Big Town will perform in the cabin's main theater, which can hold 900 to 1,300 people. Fans can snap up tickets for McGraw starting at $80, or Little Big Town for $50 per person.

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You Can Cruise the Seas with Tim McGraw and Little Big Town