Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. is Selling a Cannabis-Infused Burger

Don't be surprised if you see Cheech and Chong lining up at Carl's Jr. on April 20th. The fast-food chain known for their Famous Star burger is adding a one-of-a-kind CBD burger to their menu for 4/20, the unofficial holiday for cannabis. This new recipe will be a milestone, making Carl's Jr. the first major fast-food chain to incorporate CBD products into their menu.

The Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight features two beef patties topped with pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, criss cut waffle fries, and CBD-infused "Santa Fe Sauce." The burger will only be available at a single location in Denver ( 4050 Colorado Blvd.) priced at, you guessed it, $4.20. However, if sales go well, the brand may look into pushing the burger out to a national audience.

Unlike marijuana, CBD (Cannabidiol) cannot get you high but it can have anti-anxiety effects. CBD is legal in most states due to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized using hemp as an "agricultural commodity." In Colorado, Cannabis is one of the state's fastest growing industries. Just last year the state brought in $1.55 billion due to marijuana sales.

The FDA recently announced that it will be holding a public hearing in May to discuss regulations and framework for adding CBD in food and beverage products. Currently, there are no federal regulations on adding the compound in food or beverages.

This new trend looks like it is here to stay. Drug stores like Walgreens and CVS have already signed deals to sell CBD topicals and more and more businesses are looking to add CBD products to their line. The inventor of Jelly Belly has already launched a business called Spectrum Confections that produces jelly beans infused with CBD. The jelly beans come in 38 delicious flavors.

One day you might see multiple burger chains selling CBD burgers but until then, Carl's Jr. is the place to go.

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